NCTTA School Membership Application for N/A Season

Parts 1 and 2 are on this page.
Required items are marked with a star (*)
After submitting the information for these parts, you will see Parts 3 and 4.

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Type of Team

If your school will have both a Coed team and a Women's team, separate applications must be submitted for each one.
Coed/Men's ($250.00)
Women's (Free)

Part 1: School Club Information

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How do you obtain funding? (check all that apply) funding from school for student activities, club sports, etc.
proceeds from on-campus tournaments
membership dues - how much do you charge?

club fundraisers (please describe):
other (please describe):
Did your club apply for funding from your school? Yes - if so, how much did your club receive?
What kinds of activities does your club run? (check all that apply) organized practice sessions
open play
on-campus tournaments
team tryouts
club ladder
scrimmages against other clubs
social events
Does your school have table tennis classes through its PE dept.? Yes

Part 2: Membership Agreement

As a member of NCTTA, the National Collegiate Table Tennis Association, our school's table tennis club agrees to:

If we fail to meet/follow the above terms, we understand that our NCTTA membership is jeopardized, possibly preventing our future participation in the organization, pending review by the NCTTA Executive Board

Furthermore, we allow NCTTA sponsors to mail/e-mail promotional materials to the club president. We will also consider adding NCTTA's and its sponsors' banners to our club web site, if it is within reasonable means.

By joining NCTTA, we proudly display our joy, passion, and commitment for the sport of table tennis.

As the president, I have shared this information with my club members. My signature below signifies that we agree to the terms listed above for the N/A season and that the club members and myself will not hold NCTTA and its members responsible for any injury or adverse events suffered directly or indirectly through our participation in the league.